The moment youʼve all been waiting for is finally here! The same Internet. that brought you such phenomenal cultural hits as email, YouTube, obnoxious pop out adds, and Friendster, (the popular social networking site) has teamed up with the likes of some people youʼve never heard of (and few you have) to bring you the delightful web-series known only as DEAD GRANDMA!

Dead Grandma is a 10-webisode mini-series about a hopeless young college student named Andy who finds himself being haunted by his senile grandma, after she comes back from the dead, on a hilariously disastrous self-appointed mission to help him find love.

Join your host Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory) as he takes you on a whimsical journey over the course of 10 episodes of misadventure and fun.

Andyʼs found the girl of his dreams and things could not be better. Unfortunately heʼs not alone… he must deal with the competition of an oblivious, yet competitive meathead, a dreamy foreign exchange student named Fabrizio, a pair of the schoolʼs most infamous heckling wise guys and several other eccentric characters… and of course the utter chaos wrought by his obnoxiously senile (and occasionally politically incorrect) dead grandma.

Dead Grandma takes the nostalgic campy sitcom fun of Saved By The Bell, Full House and Family Matters and mixes it with the modern sensibilities of shows such as 30 Rock and Arrested Development.

So stop gallivanting up and down Main Street trying to pocket a dime, pour yourself a nice tall glass of laxative, sit back, relax and prepare to enter the whimsical world of Dead Grandma.

Will Kindrick

Writer/Director/Associate Producer
Courtney Branning

Tom Morrill

Matt Heder

Executive Producer
Chad Perkins

Series Host
Jon Heder

Director of Photography
Chris Saul

Creative Consultant
Jeremiah Chechik