Best TV shows for students

All of us sometimes need rest and especially students who work hard to earn good grades and obtain an academic degree. They often work tirelessly and neglect their own health, resulting in unfortunate consequences. If it’s about you, ask for assignments writing help online and spend several evenings in your dorm room. Lie on the bed and have a rest. And the following TV shows may make your rest less boring. Be sure that some of these shows will surely interest you and you won't stop until you watch them till the end.

Game of Thrones

It’s a legendary TV series that is popular among all generations. If you have no time reading several books, watch this amazing film adaptation. Game of Thrones has eight seasons so that it will fill your time for the next several weeks. It’s an ideal TV show to spend time with friends: buy delicious snacks, gather a big company, and watch it together.

Breaking Bad

If you're looking for one of the good TV shows to binge watch, Breaking Bad is the right choice. The plot centers on the school teacher who was diagnosed with cancer. And he decides to start to produce and sell amphetamine to ensure a better future for his family. His former student helps the teacher in this endeavor.


Although this show was broadcast a long ago, it's still considered to be one of the best college TV series. Felicity tells about the life of the main character during studying at New York University. First love, challenges of studying, relationship with friends - here you’ll see everything each student faces after his or her arrival at university.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is a TV series that won’t leave anyone indifferent. It’s the best comedy watches for college students. The main hero tells his children about his life before he met their mother, how did they meet, and how did their love story start. This TV series has numerous awards, including Emmy, Teen Choice Awards, Critic's Choice Television Award, and many others.

How to Get Away with a Murder

The outstanding TV show about law students’ life with a gripping plot. In the center of the story is a law professor of the University and the group of promising students who got involved in the mysterious story. Watch it to see how inexperienced students will unravel this mystery. It's a good option to boost your motivation. Don't get upset if you can’t do any task, it's normal. Find a reliable academic writing service and text to them to find out about the range of all services. A simple message,"Write my essay for me cheap," can make a lot of problems go away.

13 Reasons Why

It’s American drama series based on the eponymous novel written by Jay Asher. 13 Reasons Why gained recognition from the public and was highly appreciated by the young audience. The classmate of the main hero committed suicide. Several weeks later he found the box with tapes where this girl tells 13 reasons why she did this. This show will surely interest you because it addresses important subjects. We highly recommend you to watch it. Ask for accounting homework help to free at least 1-2 hours a day and devote this time to this show.

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