Hilarious College Comedies to Watch

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Starting from now, you are 100% ready for fun. The only problem is to choose the best college comedy to watch.

American Pie

Undeniable is the fact that American Pie is one of the most influential college comedies ever. A true masterpiece has become the brightest representation of American culture and the movie industry. An excellent cast and unique plot make the film highly appreciated among students, as it is the best representation of true desired and thoughts of students.


There are only a few other comedies that can compete with American Pie, and Superdad is one of them. A timeless classic tells a story of high school friends that head to the wild goose chase to get booze for the following party. The movie is full of splashing jokes and fun quotes you will remember. The comedy is definitely worth your time.

Animal House

Animal House is the third comedy every student should watch. Do you have too many tasks to be done before the movie night? Search for myassignmenthelp review and get the assistance of a pro, but do not miss your chance to enjoy the iconic movie. The story depicts students fighting for the survival of the fraternity. Get fun and precious ideas for your next student party.

Pitch Perfect

Do you go to college to study? No need to lie to yourself, as the only purpose of your student years is the involvement in various interesting activities. Pitch Perfect is a story of the lifelong friendship that starts at college.


One of the most ridiculous student comedies tells about a road trip around Europe. It offers an exceptional opportunity to learn about the traditions of other countries and laugh at the mishaps of the main characters.

Van Wilder

If you enjoy American Pie and similar comedies, Van Wilder is the top choice for you. An excellent plot tells about a cool guy, who is partying and having fun all the time. But what about his academic success? Choose it for your next party and enjoy the most unpredictable development of the events and unexpected ending of the story.
Have you already made your choice? Your next college movie party will be a blast! However, do not forget to get ready for the big day. Do your homework beforehand, so you can be relaxed and calm during the party. If you lack time, but cannot miss a chance to participate, time to contact the representatives of paymetodoyourhomework and get your assignments done for you.

Will Kindrick

Writer/Director/Associate Producer
Courtney Branning

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Matt Heder

Executive Producer
Chad Perkins

Series Host
Jon Heder

Director of Photography
Chris Saul

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Jeremiah Chechik